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PRESS KIT: Art of Scars: Healing Organizational Culture, Climate & Character
By Kathy Hagler, Ph.D.

Kathy Hagler, Ph.D. understands what it’s like to feel broken and stuck.  She tragically lost her step-son and husband within several years of each other and was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer soon after her devastating losses.  As a business consultant for the past thirty years, she’s worked with complex Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, Universities, and government organizations, recognizing their wounds and helping them transform by healing their broken processes so they could successfully move forward with vision, purpose and meaning.

It's a result of Kintsugi - the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery – that Hagler realized that both human beings and organizations have wounds in the body, mind and spirit.  She explains that once you identify the root of your suffering and distress, you can begin to heal -- to rediscover your complete wholeness and live balanced, meaningful and joyful lives.

In her upcoming book, ART OF SCARS, Hagler provides inspiring stories from her remarkable journey and a blueprint on how all of us can embrace our scars to build what she calls “Organizations of Character” and a culture of purpose. Whether you’re an individual, working on your own, or for an organization, her method can be utilized to discover one's unique path to thrive, flourish and create meaningful lives on the journey of healing as you discover how to:


- dislodge fear

- move forward through pain and suffering

- experience new perspectives and greater meaning



ART OF SCARS: Healing Organizational Culture, Climate, Character

By Kathy Hagler

RELEASE DATE: June 15, 2021


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Kathy Hagler, Ph.D is founder of K20HSolutions. Known as an “organizational healer” in the industry, Kathy helps companies, through crises, challenges and obstacles, and moves organization culture forward with strategy, clear vision and success in an ever-changing world.  Both Dr. Peter Drucker and Dr. W. Edwards Demings, long considered the “fathers” of management, were her mentors.

Kathy is a graduate of the Drucker School of Business Administration and Claremont Graduate School and has experience in psychology as well as data and leadership science. She is also certified in many areas including PSYCH-K and Landmark. 

A practitioner of yoga, an accomplished pianist and exercise enthusiast, Kathy enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out in North Carolina and Idaho with her husband.

More about Kathy here.

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